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1.    The faculty provides several health and sport programs to the local community such as swimming teaching programs for men, women and kids, therapeutic massage.

2.    The faculty built a specialized gym for physical fitness. This gym provides sport services for university's members, students and individuals from local community.

3.    The faculty initiated a specialized laboratory for exercise physiology and biomechanics research.

4.    The faculty has built a hall for physical fitness and weightlifting for physical education students to allow more time for training.  

5.    The faculty built a gymnasium hall. This hall can be used by students and by gymnastic players. 

6.    The faculty created an athletic track.

7.    The faculty has renewed the faculty's library.


1.    The faculty's staff delivered different lectures in sport science, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure in schools, private and governmental universities, sport federations and Jordan Military Sport Federation.  

2.    The faculty has held different congresses in sport science.

3.    The Faculty also hosts an annual conference in sport creativity in collaboration with his highness Al-shaikh Mohmmad Bin Rashid Al Maktoom Award for sport creativity.   

4.    Dr Kamal Al-Rabdi won the University of Jordan scientific award in 2002 on his book entitled "Sport Coaching in the 21th Century".

5.    Dr Sadiq Al-Hayeq won the excellent researcher award in 2006.

6.    Dr Harran Al-Rahamneh represented Jordan in the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport in Switzerland in 2012. In this meeting Jordan was elected to be the Vice chancellor for Arab states.

7.    The faculty has been working on developing the syllabus of bachelor, master and PhD programs.

8.     The faculty provides qualified graduates in therapeutic and preventive massage, coaching and refereeing   to work in different sport institutions at national and international.  

9.    The faculty has been working to develop learning and teaching outcomes through modules lecturers in order to guarantee objective norms for students' evaluation.

10.  The faculty has been conduction different workshops in coaching, refereeing, life guarding in collaboration with Jordan Olympic Committee, sport federations and leadership development center.     

11.  The faculty conducts different workshops for physical education teachers to keep them up to date with the new methods of teaching physical education.


1.    The faculty's students attended different workshops in coaching, refereeing, life guarding which the faculty conducts in collaboration with Jordan Olympic Committee, sport federations and leadership development center.

2.    The faculty's students attended an international workshop in kinematics using computers programs in collaboration with the University of Konstanz.

3.    The faculty's students attended workshops in teaching swimming and physical fitness training. 

4.     The faculty's students attended a special workshop in massage and therapeutic exercises.   


·         The graduates of the faculty have signed an agreement with GOAL company to find jobs for our graduates in the United Arab of Emirate.