School's Strategy

Our Vision

FOPE intends to be pioneer in facilitating the continuous improvements of scientific education and training systems at all educational levels in Jordan. As a result, this faculty of PE, consistent with the rest of the University Colleges, as the rehabilitation, Engineering , Agriculture and education seeks to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan and the lives of the people it serves.


Our Golas

 The FOPE staff members work to blend their responsibilities through the integration of the following goals endeavors of its mission:
• (1) To prepare highly competent, K-12 PE teachers, both prospective and practicing.
• (2) To prepare sport coaches of different type.
• (3) To prepare leaders in supervising and administering sport sectors.
• (4) To prepare qualified person to deal with special need of adapted PE.
• (5) To provide all undergraduates with theoretical knowledge, analytical and practical skills, and transferable sport skills to enable them to function effectively and efficiently in schools , clubs , federation ,fitness center, and at the Olympic national.
• (6)To produce graduates capable of performing research and postgraduate studies that fill the need for the society with respect to leadership, instructors, lecturers and researchers.
• (7) To provide society with qualified and well-trained graduates, with a wide range of transferable skills in Physical Education Profession including independent personal trainer for Health related fitness.
In order to achieve the previous goals, FOPE adopted the NASPE/AAHPERD standards for initial self evaluation for implementing and instructing the curriculum that related to the K-12 PE Content. This evaluation can be accomplished by an array of course work, learning experiences, and field work as a practicum

Our Mission

The mission of the FOPE is to facilitate the continuous improvement of teaching and coaching in Jordan through active and collaborative partnerships with the Ministry of Education, the High Council of Youth, Olympic Committee, Sport Federations and the stuff in the Jordan University and others as well. The POPE Fulfils its mission by Modernize reality and excelling in teacher preparation, in all aspect of group games, individual games, Martial arts, and health related fitness, as well as research /scholarship, outreach/ services, and program and policy development to meet the need of the market in our society

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