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School's Strategy

School's Strategy

Our Vision

A distinguished and innovative School in sport science academically, excelling in research and socially illumination

Our Golas

The School has set its goals throughout its journey of development since its commencement and has been modified a number of times and in line with the spirit of the millennium and its successive events 1. Developing the academic level of faculty members. 2. Graduate researchers at a high level in the fields of sport science. 3. Providing the local and Arab Employment Market with high-level and developed scientific and learning outcomes. 4. Preparing a qualified graduate who reasonably reflects the academic specialization in sports education and exercise science. 5. Raise the level of the college and university and the quality in research 6. Concluding an international partnership deal and agreements with various bodies, sports federations and the Jordanian Olympic Committee.

Our Mission

Providing an academic and research house of experience to attract students who are scientifically and practically creative to supply national and regional institutions with qualified cadres in teaching and sports training.

our values

The College’s values stem from Arab and Islamic societal values such as justice, ethics, non-discrimination between gender or individuals, candidness to the sporting and professional community, fitting and progress.


The philosophy of the school stems from the conviction that knowledge is the cornerstone of progress and development taking place today in humanity. Therefore, the School of Sport Science since 1999 has decided to be a distinguished and advanced school in sport science academically, research wise and socially active. Recently, its academic programs have been developed to meet the needs of their students consistent with the local and the Arab Employment Market, such as the physical education and supervision program, the movement science program and sport exercise at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. The number of faculty members reached 40 people for the current year. While the School of sport science started in small numbers, as it received 62 students in the year 1979-1980, the number of students in the 2019-2020 academic year has reached 490 students, and 339 students graduated in 2019. In addition, our school is the only school in the kingdom that has PhD program in physical education and sport science.