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  • 20 - Mar
  • 2024

Awareness symposium in sports sciences on the student disciplinary system

The Deanship of Student Affairs organized an awareness seminar in the College of Sports Sciences, about the student disciplinary system and the code of conduct for students, employees, and faculty members.

Professor Dr. Dean of the College of Sports Sciences, Hassan Al-Saud, and Deputy Dean, Dr. Walid Al-Hamouri, welcomed the holding of these purposeful and qualitative seminars, considering this to be in order to spread legal awareness among students and members of the teaching and administrative bodies.

Dr. Suhaib Ali Al-Harout, Director of the Student Issues Office, said that students' knowledge of the legislation regulating and pertaining to them makes it easier for them to know many aspects of their academic and practical lives, and prevents disciplinary violations that constitute a turning point towards further violation of that legislation.

He also stressed that disciplinary violations that harm the university and its employees, as well as those related to students, are unacceptable and unacceptable, and there will be no tolerance for them, and that the principle of the rule of law and the legislation in force at the university govern these cases and violations.

He pointed to the violations of cheating in exams, and called on students to obtain their grades through diligence and perseverance, without relying on attempts to try, participate, or initiate the process of cheating, stressing also the necessity of not participating in quarrels of any kind.

In conclusion, a dialogue took place between the students through answers to their questions about the topic of the symposium.

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