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  • 02 - May
  • 2024

Dead Sea Conference - Faculty of Sports Sciences / Scientific developments in healthy and competitive sports

Representing His Highness Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein, President of the Jordanian Olympic Committee, the Vice President of the Committee, Dr. Sari Hamdan, opened, on Wednesday 4/24/2024, the work of the Third International Dead Sea Scientific Conference.

The conference, which is organized by the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Jordan in partnership with the Jordanian Olympic Committee, highlights scientific developments in healthy and competitive sports.

Acting President of the University of Jordan, Dr. Ashraf Abu Karaki, said that organizing the conference constitutes a unification of efforts and a culmination of the relationship aimed at the excellence of students and athletes, and an emphasis on the importance of keeping up with all the latest developments and the most important developments in sports and its sciences.

For his part, the Dean of the University's College of Sports Sciences, Dr. Hassan Al-Saud, said that the university has sought, since its founding, to give sports a major priority to advance sports and athletes, equip them with the theoretical and practical knowledge they need, and build the Jordanian human being physically and mentally sound in accordance with the latest sports methods and methods in the world.

In turn, the Secretary General of the Jordanian Olympic Committee, Rana Al-Saeed, stressed the importance of the scientific aspect in developing sports, praising the permanent cooperation between the Jordanian Olympic Committee and the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Jordan. She referred to the Olympic Committee's strategy and the goals it seeks to achieve and to move forward in developing Jordanian sports.

The conference enjoys wide international and local participation and lasts for two days, as it represents an opportunity for all researchers and specialists from different countries of the world in sports sciences, physical activity and motor skills, and aims to enhance communication and exchange of scientific experiences in various specialties.

In a number of specialized sessions, the conference papers address the latest developments in the field of sports research from a health and competitive perspective, and their contents discuss the relationship between motor analysis and patient care through physical activity and environmental and climate issues, as well as the emergence of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, in addition to addressing ethical issues. Surrounding high-level athletes.